Iam a random guy like you who loves exploring new things. I find writing interesting and a stress-reliever for me. It helps widen my knowledge and create a substantial amount of information in my life every day. THERE IS A POWER OF EVERYDAY LEARNING

Born in a small town of Dologon on November 14, 1994, Felmore Labuga Flores began his journey through life. Felmore is the 2nd eldest son of the farmer Fernando R. Flores and his wife Maricel L. Flores. Fernando, a hardworking man, raised his four children in a very disciplined way. It was from here that Felmore learned much of his punctuality, adaptability and spirituality

Felmore, after leaving home at age 17, decided to move to a city. He went to Palawan and became a storekeeper for several months. He enjoyed his job but was not able to yearned to get a college education. He enrolled at the University of Palawan. From there, he quickly realized that he loved Teaching but a few months he moved to a bigger city got a job and enrolled in the Colleges of Mabalacat City and learn that he loves Health Care and Biology. He wasn’t able to get his course due to the minimal amount of students getting the course; he then proceeded to Hotel and Restaurant Management. Soon he made his decision that he should be studying to become a businessman by taking Pathway Connect

when time permits, he uses his spare time reading, and designing his website and spend most of his writing. He has lots of featured article in Hubpages . He loves philosophical writing, politics, and business. He loves traveling alone and with friends, taking pictures and videos.

Currently, he is working as Office Administrative Manager @ Black Diamond Logistics Solutions founded by Robert Dale Johnson from Lakeside Arizona, who stand as his Father and his family. As he said in hi journal “[Dad] you have been my confidants and a great, extraordinary man that I wish to emulate with”…

Now, he is currently studying at Brigham Young University-Idaho, Pathway Connect worldwide and study a Bachelor Degree in Business Management

Felmore L. Flores


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